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Welcome to our news and announcements. For your convenience, we have both County News that we update, and other news feeds that come from external sources. Please note any external sources are provided for informational resources and are not managed or endorsed by Mifflin County.

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County News

PHFA opened applications for a new rental and mortgage assistance program.  For more information click here
Ballot Drop Box
Mifflin County Courthouse Foyer (main entrance)
8:00am - 4:00 pm
**You can only return your own ballot unless you complete the authorized designated agent form**

How to Vote by Mail
(10/5/20) CCAP just announced a new video showing the process voters should follow to properly complete and return their mail-in ballots. To view the video, go to:

To help provide Pennsylvania voters with a timely and factual source of information related to mail-in voting, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) has created a short video, What You Need to Know About Voting by Mail in Pennsylvania detailing the process from application to return of the ballot.   The video is less than five (5) minutes in length.
While this video is accurate and current as of today, some matters related to mail-in ballots remain the subject of active litigation.  Should there be any changes relative to the information in this video, the video link will no longer be active and steps will be taken to provide updated information.
To reach the Mifflin County Voter Registration/Election Office, please call 717-248-6571.

 Courts & Jury Alerts

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