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Ordinances of Boroughs, Townships and County of Mifflin
Mifflin County > Planning and Development
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has created an online library of county and municipal ordinances from around the state.  This resource is called the "Ordinances eLibrary".  The documents in the eLibrary have been scanned from actual hardcopies.  You can view them by clicking the link belows, however, please be sure to read the disclaimer which states that these materials are provided for informational purposes only.
The eLibrary is not maintained by the County of Mifflin
The link belows takes you out of the Mifflin County website and directs you to the Commonwealth website. 
Cover 284k
Resolution, table of contents thru page v 385k
Table of contents thru page 1-4 33k
Mifflin County Map 2,847k
Cover chapter 2 thru page 2-1 12k
Pages 2-2 thru 2-11 255k
Pages 2-12 thru 2-21 55k
Pages 2-22 thru page 3-5 58k
Pages 3-6 thru 3-14 50k
Page 3-15 24k
Chapter 4 cover thru page 4-9 58k
Pages 4-10 thru 5-5 37k
Existing Land Use Map 3,446k
Pages 5-6 thru 5-8 20k
Pages 5-9 thru 6-2 23k
Emergency and Health Services Map 1 1,513k
Emergency and Health Services Map 2 1,821k
Emergency Service Areas 2,147k
Pages 6-3 thru 6-8 37k
Pages 6-9 thru 6-13 30k
Existing Water Service Areas Map 1,197k
Pages 6-14 and 6-15 16k
Public Sewer Service Areas Map 2,298k
Pages 6-16 thru 6-18 19k
Pages 6-19 thru 7-3 60k
Historical Resources Map 1,767k
Chapter 8 cover thru page 8-2 17k
Environmentally Sensitive Areas: Water and Steep Map 3,319k
Page 8-3 4,466k
Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Soil Suitability Maps 4,466k
Page 8-4 10k
Page 8-5 26k
Page 8-6 10k
Surface Geology Map and Karst and Non-Karst Areas Map 4,547k
Pages 8-7 thru 9-6 48k
Transportation Map 1,914k
Page 9-7 10k
Pages 9-8 thru Chapter 11 cover 45k
Pages 11-1 thru 12-5 54k
Pages 12-6 thru 12-11 30k
Mifflin County Future Land Use Map 1,325k
Pages 12-12 thru 13-3 22k
Pages 13-4 thru 14-2 53k
Pages 14-3 thru 16-2 52k
Pages 16-3 thru 16-6 21k
Mifflin County Transportation Improvement Map 3,873k
Chapter 17 cover thru Chapter 19 cover 20k
Pages 19-1 thru 20-2 53k
Pages 20-3 thru Appendix A page 1 266k
Page 2 thru Appendix B 1 1,770k
Pages 2 thru 10 53k
Pages 11 thru 19 47k
Pages 20 thru 22 19k
Jacks Creek Watershed - Stormwater Management (top)
Chapter 1 - Introduction 50k
Chapter II - Watershed Level Planning - Act 167 388k
Mifflin County General Location Map
Chapter IV - Technical Analysis - Part 1 504k
Chapter IV - Technical Analysis - Part 2 452k
Chapter IV - Technical Analysis - Part 3 410k
Chapter V - Control Techniques and Efficiency - Part 1 613k
Chapter V - Control Techniques and Efficiency - Part 2 530k
Chapter IV - Technical Standards - Part 1 539k
Chapter IV - Technical Standards - Part 2 433k
Chapter VII - Existing Ordinances 59k
Chapter VIII - Model Ordinance 31k
Chapter IX - Priorities for Implementation 329k
Chapter X - Adoption and Updating Procedures 222k
Appendix A 133k
Article I General Provisions 113k
Article II - Definitions 244
Article III - Stormwater Management Requirements 408k
Article IV - Drainage Plan Requirements 411k
Article V - Inspections 144k
Article VI - Fees and Expenses 100k
Article VII - Financial Guarantees and Maintenance 393k
Article VIII - Enforcement and Penalties 121k
Article IX - Appeals 29k
Article X - Miscellaneous 116k
Article XI - Enactment 43k
Appendices 54k
Appendix B 515k
Plate 1 Map 866k
Plate 2 Map 1048k
Plate 3 Map 1140k
Plate 4 Map 890k
Brown Twp Subdivision and Land Dev Ordinance (top)
Derry Twp Municipal Comprehensive Plan (top)
Cover, Directory, Table of Contents 229k       
I. Introduction 266k
Neighborhood Map 145k
Pages 10 thru 17 557k
III. Natural and Cultural Features page 18 thru 24         544k
Pages 25 thru 30 640k
Pages 31 thru 40 789k
Pages 45 thru 50 640k
Pages 51 thru 57 676k
Pages 58 thru 67 874k
V. Existing Land Use 272k
VI. Adjacent and Regional Planning 125k
VII. Public Facilities and Services 395k
Facilities Inventory page 80 thru 84 174k
Pages 85 thru 94 865k
Pages 95 thru 100 464k
Pages 101 thru 107 625k
VIII. Public Utilities page 108 thru 115 720k
Pages 116 thru 122 572k
Pages 123 thru 126 276k
IX. Transportation System page 127 thru 134 744k
Pages 135 thru 145 1,006k
X. Future Land Use Plan 940k
XI. Implementation 83k
Appendix A 135k
Cover 47k
Table of contents 268k
Background Provisions Section 101 thru 112 699k
Definitions, Dwelling thru Nightclub 785k
Definitions, Livestock thru Wholesale 714k
Definitions thru Zone Regulations Section 202.11 652k
Zone Regulations Sections 203.1 thru 206.5 671k
Zone Regulations Sections 206.5 thru 207.16 400k
Zone Regulations Sections 208.1 thru 210.7 633k
Future Land Use Map 11,043k
Zone Regulations Sections 210.8 thru 213.8 543k
Zone Regulations Section 213.9 thru General Provisions Section 309 645k
General Provisions Sections 310 thru 312.3 559k
General Provisions Sections 313 thru 315.3 1,104k
General Provisions Section 316 thru Specific Criteria Section 405.1 627k
Specific Criteria Sections 405.11 thru 419.6 484k
Specific Criteria Sections 419.7 thru 432.3 612k
Specific Criteria Sections 432.4 thru 443.2 604k
Specific Criteria Sections 443.3 thru 454.2 589k
Specific Criteria Sections 454.3 thru 463.8 446k
Zoning Changes 71k
Zoning Changes Map 1 3,209k
Zoning Changes Map 2 5,077k
Nonconformities Section 500 thru Zoning Hearing Board Section 604.3 568k
Zoning Hearing Board Section 604.3 thru 608 269k
Administration Sections 700 thru 703.2 674k
Administration Sections 703.2 thru Signature page 508k
Amendment Ordinance No 2002-4 133k
Table of contents 100k
Background Provisions thru page 9 675k
Approval Process thru page 18 595k
Master Plan Provisions thru Review Schedule 580k