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Craig E. Snyder - County Detective

Detective Snyder has been employed by the Mifflin County District Attorney’s Office as a County Detective since January 2007. He works at the direction of the District Attorney, providing investigative assistance and expertise in a wide variety of serious crimes.  He provides review and follow up with open cases, and coordinates joint investigative efforts between local law enforcement agencies and other agencies throughout the state.

Detective Snyder, along with First Assistant District Attorney Mark Remy, oversees the day to day operation of the Mifflin County Drug Task Force. He is specifically responsible for coordinating drug-related investigations, maintaining all investigative material relative to open investigations, maintaining and issuing officer equipment, scheduling officers and securing all drug-related evidence. He routinely assists in the preparation of drug-related prosecutions scheduled for trial.

Detective Snyder is a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper who spent the majority of his 19 years in law enforcement as a narcotics investigator in central and south central Pennsylvania.  He investigated and assisted in the prosecution of well over 1000 state and federal crimes, with approximately 75% of those being drug-related in nature.  A native of Lewistown, Snyder has spent 10 years of his career serving the citizens of Mifflin County.  He is a Veteran of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Air Assault), and Operation Desert Storm.

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