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Bench Warrants
Report the whereabouts of an Individual on the Bench Warrant List: Call (717)248-3955. Our email address is:

Deer, Nina E.9/19/1987
Faubert, Jason R.2/5/1977
Haines, Sr., James A.2/13/1989
Helsel, Geffrey L.8/4/1965
Marker, Jeremiah J.10/13/1977
Murphy, Michael J.11/7/1972
Quay, Katelyn M.3/26/1992
Searer, Matthew S.6/12/1987
Snyder, Paul R.7/2/1972
Stahl, Brad C.10/29/1985
Stine, Shawn M.1/11/1986
Stoicovy, Chrisann A.10/2/1965
Stoutzenberger, Dennis E.7/12/1985
Sullivan, Ronald C.1/2/1969
Swope, Andrew12/10/1986
Welch-Marker, Catherine R.12/7/1991
Woods, Carlos O.4/21/1980
Wray, Wilhelm L.1/14/1985
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