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Client Hand Book: Payment - SCDU

​Pennsylvania Support Collection & Disbursement Unit

What is SCDU?

  • SCDU (Statewide Collection and Disbursement Unit) is the single statewide unit for the collection and disbursement of child and spousal support.
  • Employers will send support wage attachment payments to SCDU, instead of to individual County Domestic Relations Sections.
  • Mailing address for PA SCDU is PO BOX 69110, Harrisburg, PA 17106 for non wage attached defendants. You must include your name and social security number on your payment for proper posting.
  • Phone number for payor/payee is 1-877-727-7238
  • Phone number for EppiCard payments is 1-800-304-1669
  • Website for EppiCard is

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