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PACSES Interactive Voice Response

​What is the PACSES IVR?

  • PACSES stands for Pennsylvania Automated Child Support Enforcement System.
  • IVR stands for Integrated Voice Response.
  • The Mifflin County Domestic Relations office has implemented a new interactive voice response system, IVR.
  • In order to access case specific information, all users are required to reset their pin number. You will be prompted to reset your pin number with your first call when accessing case specific information.
  • With the new IVR system, you will continue to have access to general office information and case specific information including order amount, payments, and answers to common questions. Additionally, the IVR provides even more services available to you.
  • With some of the new features, you may hear upcoming scheduled events.
  • You can also leave a message for a domestic relations worker
  • The PACSES IVR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I use the PACSES IVR?

The PACSES IVR greets you with a list of choices.  When you hear the option you like, press that number on your touch-tone telephone keypad.  The computer will give you the information you selected.

Do you have a touch-tone telephone?

  • The PACSES AVR will inquire as to whether you have a touch-tone.  Press (1) if you have a touch-tone telephone.
  • If you do not have a touch-tone phone, stay on the line and you will be transferred automatically to an operator.

You may choose from the following information:


To hear about General Office Information:

  • PRESS (1)  For office hours                      
  • PRESS (2)  For directions 
  • PRESS (3)  Court of Common Pleas location 
  • PRESS (4)  Cost & fee information 


To hear about General Case Information:

  • PRESS (1)  How to open a case
  • PRESS (2)  Interstate case information
  • PRESS (3)  Genetic testing information
  • PRESS (4)  Protection from abuse information
  • PRESS (5)  Custody information


To hear about Collections and Enforcement:

  • PRESS (1)  Income attachment information
  • PRESS (2)  Intercept information
    • PRESS (1)  IRS Intercept
    • PRESS (2)  Unemployment Compensation Intercept
    • PRESS (3)  Lottery Intercept
    • PRESS (3)  Credit bureau reporting information
    • PRESS (4)  Business and professional licensing
    • PRESS (5)  Public assistance
    • PRESS (6)  Liens / judgments
    • PRESS (7)  Driver's license suspension


To hear Case Specific Information:

(PIN number needed) *  Additional details below

When you PRESS (4) to hear case specific information you will need two numbers:

    • Your social security number and
    • PIN (personal identification number)
  • PRESS (1) to tell the PACSES IVR that you have a touch tone telephone.
  • PRESS (4) to enter the case specific area of the IVR.

The PACSES IVR will ask you to enter your social security number followed by the (#) pound sign. If you do not already have a PIN, you will be asked to create one by pressing (1).

You will choose your (PIN) personal identification number by entering any six numbers followed by the (#) pound sign.


What can the PACSES IVR tell me about my case: With your social security number and PIN, information about your case is available 24 hours a day.

  • PRESS (1) for payment information
  • PRESS (2) for scheduled appointments
  • PRESS (3) for answers to common questions
  • PRESS (4) to leave a message for a Domestic Relations worker
  • PRESS (5) to hear an account balance
  • PRESS (6) to select a different case

Will I be able to hear my entire case history on the PACSES IVR? The PACSES IVR will contain all case specific data for up to three years.


To leave an anonymous tip or message:

  • PRESS (1)  Leave a message for a Domestic Relations worker 
  • PRESS (2)  To leave an anonymous tip 


Other party messaging:

  • PRESS (1)  Government agencies
  • PRESS (2)  Attorneys
  • PRESS (3)  Employers
  • PRESS (4)  Insurance agencies

What other options do I have on the IVR:

  • PRESS (*)  For information on services available through the IVR
  • PRESS (#)  To return to the previous menu

How do I get started

  • Call the PACSES IVR by dialing 717-248-3955 to begin to access the described features.
  • You will be able to access information 24 hours a day.
  • You may also access information concerning your child support case 24 hours a day on the web. Visit
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