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PACSES Your support payment

How PACSES Affects Amounts

Pennsylvania uses a federally required, statewide computer system called PACSES (Pennsylvania Automated Child Support Enforcement System).  This page is designed to help you understand how this new system affects amounts shown on your support payment.


Why?  See below:

WHAT:  Your support payment amounts can vary, even if the payor faithfully makes fixed payments to PA SCDU.

WHY:  PACSES automatically applies ("distributes") collections to pay child/spousal support debts first, and, after the month's child/spousal support debt has been paid, it distributes subsequent/remaining collections for the month (usually collected at the end of the month) to lesser debts, such as fees.

RESULT:  When this happens, support payments which we disburse from those "end of the month collections" are not as large as usual.  If you want to know more about this, click here to see How PACSES distributes support collections.

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