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What's a Watershed?

The Kishacoquillas Creek, known locally as Kish Creek, Watershed is located almost entirely in Mifflin County in Central PA. It drains an area of 196 square miles (125,178 acres) and is a tributary to the Juniata River, which flows into the Susquehanna River, which ultimately flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The boundaries of the Kish Creek watershed are the Stone Mountain to the North and Jacks Mountain to the south. The stream stretches 15 miles through rural, agricultural land. According to the DEP unassessed water's program segments of this watershed are impaired. A Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Growing Greener Grant was obtained to conduct an assessment of the watershed.

What is a Watershed?

A geographic area defined by the land which water flows across or under on its way to a stream, river or lake. A watershed is an area of land, often described as a basin in which all the water beneath it or on it eventually drains into a body of water. The land 'sheds' the water that enters through it by means of rain or melting snow.

Boundaries - Political vs. Watershed

So often we think of our location in reference to our political boundaries. We would like to suggest another way of looking at things…from the watershed perspective. Political boundaries are created by humans and divide the land into smaller sections that are easier to deal with and classify. The boundaries of a watershed encompass the entire area to which a body of water is connected. In a watershed, all living things are connected. If someone upstream from us contaminates the water, it does not matter if their property lies within the town or county borders. That contamination will affect us. By thinking about our actions with watershed boundaries in mind, we are recognizing how the environment works and attempting to work with it.

Demographic Information

Demographic data has been collected for the entire state of Pennsylvania, Mifflin County and the townships of Armagh, Brown, Menno and Union.  This information was calculated using 2000 Census information.  Click on the link below to view this information and find out about the demographics of any of the aforementioned regions. Check out the Pennsylvania Demographics.

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