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Access Management

​Since 2004, Bill Gomes, Director of the Planning and Development Department, has participated in PennDOT's statewide advisory committee that developed the Access Management Model Ordinance. The Transportation Research Board defines access management as "the systematic control of the location, spacing, design, and operation of driveways, median openings, interchanges, and street connections to a roadway". Access Management is an effective tool to improve road capacity, reduce traffic congestion, and increase public safety.
The model ordinance is now available to municipalities and includes best practices used in different parts of the United States. The ordinance is broken into three tiers. Tier I is access management for individual parcels, such as size, number and location of driveways. Tier II is access management for roadways, such as left turning lanes and driveway spacing along commercial highways. Tier III involves comprehensive traffic planning associated with Tiers I and II, as well as local zoning provisions and good planning practices. The goal of the model is for local jurisdictions to adopt model provisions that meet their needs.
During the spring of 2005, PennDOT held six workshops across the state to discuss the benefits of access management. PennDOT released copies of the Access Management Model Ordinance at the workshops. The model ordinance is available at the Planning and Development Department in print or on a CD. Additional information or an electronic file can be obtained on PennDOT’s website at A half-day training session will be offered during the spring of 2006 in several locations.
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