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Economic Development Strategy

​The Mifflin County Economic Development Strategy has served as a policy guide since it was drafted in 2001. The Economic Development Strategy was developed as a plan to coordinate and guide the county’s economic development activities. The strategy is designed to ensure that the county retains the desirable characteristics and quality of life for the residents of Mifflin County, while at the same time taking the steps necessary to improve economic vitality and ensure jobs and income growth for the citizens of the county. The strategy encompasses an analysis of the overall economic structure of the county, labor force, land, and institutional infrastructure, as well as growth potential by industry. The analysis also includes an organizational matrix that identifies the agencies that provide economic development services and highlights development areas that are not addressed by those agencies. The strategy concludes with a recommended action plan.
Tom Shepstone of Shepstone Management Company reviewed the document in 2003 and helped identify the county’s economic strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Mr. Shepstone recommended changes to the format and content of the strategy. In 2004, the Planning and Development Department built upon Mr. Shepstone’s recommendations and worked with members of Team Mifflin County to update the strategy. The strategy updates are anticipated to be finalized in 2006.

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