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Guide to Subdivision and Land Development

​The Planning and Development Department is regularly visited by property owners and prospective landowners requesting information about the requirements for subdividing property. Many times the Planning and Development Department is the first place people come when seeking information on subdivision and land development practices.
The County Planning Commission and Planning and Development Department decided to develop a brochure that would explain the subdivision and land development process and to share this information with the municipalities and local surveyors. In developing the brochure, the Planning and Development Department reviewed previously developed material, as well as contacted other planning offices throughout Pennsylvania. Few departments had this type of information available. The brochure, A Guide to Subdivision and Land Development in Mifflin County, was designed, reviewed by the Planning Commission’s Subdivision and Land Development Review Committee, and completed in the fall of 2005. The brochure explains the differences between subdivision and land development, the legal parameters for land development as defined in the Pennsylvania MPC, the review and approval process, required steps for subdividing or developing land, the importance of sewage facilities planning, and the plan submission requirements. When the brochure was completed, copies were distributed to each municipality in the county, as well as local surveyors. Copies of the brochure are available at the Planning and Development Department and will be available on the website in 2006. 

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