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Marcellus Legacy Fund

​Each year Mifflin County receives an allocation from the Commonwealth as part of Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund (Act 13) that can be used for open space, parks and recreation uses.  Mifflin County's allocation is around $40,000 a year and the Commissioners would like to assist municipalities and legally recognized non-profit organizations with projects that will improve their community as well as the county as a whole.  These funds may be used for the planning, acquisition, development, rehabilitation and repair of greenways, recreational trails, open space, natural areas, community conservations and beautification projects, community and heritage parks and water resource management.  The program is set up to help supplement projects as described above and not for the reimbursement of previously funded projects.  Also no applicant can apply for more than 50% of the County's annual allocation. A cash match is not required, but will be considered in the scoring process.


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