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Natural Heritage Inventory
​The Natural Heritage Inventory program was initiated in the fall of 2004. It is a joint endeavor between Mifflin, Juniata, and Snyder Counties to inventory biologically significant areas in the counties. The program is designed to inform community residents about their living heritage and providing each county a tool to use in planning for the future. The program, which is funded by DCNR, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and DCED, will result in the development of a report for each county identifying important natural areas in each county. The information produced in this report will also have a secondary benefit to developers, who may be reviewing potential residential and commercial sites for development.
Ground surveys and contacts were initiated in each county during 2005. Work included aerial photo interpretation and a low altitude reconnaissance flyover of all three counties. Areas of potential interest in Mifflin County were identified, and 131 private landowners were contacted by mail or phone in order to secure permission of the property owners to conduct field surveys of their property. Almost 50 percent of the property owners have responded, and of those, over 60 percent have been positive responses. The remaining contacts will require further follow-up. The field surveys are important in documenting significant environmental features within the county.

The Mifflin County Natural Area Inventory report was completed by the Pennsylvania Science Office of The Nature Conservancy in June 2007. ​​​

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