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Western Mifflin County Comprehensive Plan

The Western Mifflin County Comprehensive Plan was prepared in conjunction with the Mifflin County Comprehensive Plan and the Brownfields Pilot Project. The intent of the document was to assess the trends and issues facing the Western Mifflin County region in terms of socioeconomic, housing, land use patterns, and development trends, community facilities and services, and the transportation system. After assessing the future impacts of these trends, a set of goals, objectives, and a capital improvements program was developed to meet the community’s preferred vision for the future.
The region is best characterized as a rural farming community with the densely populated settings of Kistler and Newton Hamilton Boroughs. Mount Union Borough in Huntingdon County is also adjacent to the study area and serves as an important employment and commercial service area for local citizens.
Community involvement with the Western Mifflin Plan included:

  • Community Questionnaire Surveys with a 39% response rate
  • Key Person interviews
  • Community forums
  • Public meetings
  • Steering Committee meetings

The completed plan was adopted by the three participating municipalities of Wayne Township, Kistler Borough, and Newton Hamilton Borough in August and September 2001.

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