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Mifflin County Polling Places

​The list below tells you where to vote based on what area you live in.  If you are not sure which area you live in, use the maps as a guide.  
Important: If you live near a voting boundary found in these maps, please call the Voter Registration office at 248-6571 for confirmation.



Maps open in new window.  Please be patient as these larger images take longer to load.

Click Here for the PDF version of the Mifflin County Polling Places​​​​​​


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Precinc​t​ Address
​Armagh - East​​​ ​​Siglerville Baseball Organization: 1122 Locke Mills Rd., Milroy
​Armagh - West ​Milroy House Co. #1: 190 College Ave., Milroy
​Bratton ​Longfellow Playground Building: 2216 SR 103 N, Lewistown
​Brown ​Brown Township Building: 7748 SR 655, Reedsville
Burnham​ ​Walnut Street United Methodist Church: 203 N Walnut St., Burnham
Decatur - East​ ​Decatur Township Building: 100 Snook Road, McClure
​Decatur - West ​Decatur Fireman's Cookhouse: 4379 US HWY 522 N, Lewistown
​Derry - East Ohesson Senior Living Community: 276 Green Ave., Lewistown
​Derry - North Burnahm Church of the Brethren: 541 E Freedom Ave., Burnham
​Derry - South ​Rhodes Memorial Methodist Church: 500 Highland Ave., Lewistown
​Derry - West ​Derry Township Senior Center: 15 W Mill St., Yeagertown
Granville - East​ Granville Township Building: 100 Helen St., Lewistown​
Granville - West​ ​West Granville Fire House: 8392 US Hwy 522 S, Lewistown
​Juniata Terrace ​Juniata Terrace Borough Building: 80 Hudson Ave., Lewistown
​Kistler ​Kistler Elementary School: 154 School St., Mount Union
​Lewistown - West ​Evangel Baptist Church: 375 W Fifth St., Lewistown
​Lewistown - Central ​Mifflin County Library: 123 N Wayne St., Lewistown
Lewistown - North​ ​Grave United Methodist Church: 101 Logan St., Lewistown
​Lewistown - South ​Asher's Chocolates: 19 Susquehanna Ave., Lewistown
​McVeytown Borough ​McVeytown Borough Building: 10 N Queen St., McVeytown
Newton Hamilton​ ​Newton Wayne Banquet Hall: Front St., Newton Hamilton
​Menno ​Menno Township Building: 39 Water St., Allensville
​Oliver ​Oliver Township Building: 4670 US Hwy 522 S, McVeytown
​Union ​Former Union Elementary Building: 95 N Penn St. Rear, Belleville
​Wayne ​Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 (TIU): 2527 US Highway 522 S, ​McVeytown
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