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Voter Registration & Elections

The Voter Registration Office is responsible for registering residents of Mifflin County to vote, and maintaining accurate voter registration records, according to Pennsylvania law.
The Elections Office is under the direct supervision of the Mifflin County Board of Elections. The responsibilities of this office include necessary preparation for all elections including: ballots, maintaining individual voting records, election supplies, training for elected Election Officials, and supervision of the official count of votes cast. The Mifflin County Board of Elections certifies the election returns.

Directions to this office from within the Courthouse

Starting from the main lobby, go right down the hallway. Voter Registration & Elections is the last office on the left. ​​​​​​​​​​

​By Order of the Mifflin County Court of Common Pleas (Civil Action No. 18-1029), the voting precinct known as Brown Township shall be split into two voting precincts, effective immediately. Brown Township voters will be issued new Voter ID cards by mail to specify their new polling location.
The new precinct names and polling locations shall be:
BROWN - REEDSVILLE/BIG VALLEY (1400-1) voting at the Reedsville Fire Co. 16 Firehouse Blvd., Reedsville.
BROWN - CHURCH HILL (1401-1) voting at the Kish Valley GRave Brethren Church 99 Taylor Drive, Reedsville.
Questions may be directed to the Mifflin County Elections Office at (717) 248-6571

Full version of the petition to Divide the Voting District Brown Township by the Mifflin County Board of Elections 
Click here to view a copy of the petition filed on August 31, 2018​​.​


Contact Information

Mifflin County Courthouse
20 N. Wayne St.
Lewistown, PA 17044

Phone: 717-248-6571
Fax: 717-242-5455

Director: Zane N. Swanger
Clerk: Emily Price

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